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Vampire Facelift Treatment At Skin Soul Clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) Is Blood Plasma That Has Been Enriched With Platelets. As A Concentrated Source Of Autologous Platelets, Prp Contains Several Different Growth Factors And Other Cytokines That Can Stimulate Healing Of Soft Tissue. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Is An Old Therapy And Used Extensively In Specialities Of Dermatology, Orthopedics, And Dentistry

Main Indications In Dermatology For Prp Are

Androgenetic Alopecia ( male and female pattern baldness).

Face Rejuvenation ( vampire facelift).


Main Principles Essentially Involve Concentrating Platelets In A Concentration Of 3–5 Times The Physiological Value And Then Injecting This Concentrated Plasma In The Tissue Where Healing Or Effect Is Desired

Processes Involve The Collection Of The Patient’s Whole Blood In A Certified Tube With A Built In Gel Which Acts As A Separator Then Tube Undergoes CentrifugationDesigned To Separate The Prp Aliquot From Platelet-Poor Plasma And Red Blood Cells. In Humans, The Typical Baseline Blood Platelet Count Is Approximately 200,000 Per µl; Therapeutic Prp Concentrates The Platelets By Roughly Five-Fold. There Is Broad Variability In The Production Of Prp By Various Concentrating Equipment And Techniques.


THE PRP is filled in insulin syringes and tiny injections are given in the required areas, which causes

Stimulation of collagen , which provides strength elasticity and tightening of the skin,

Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle,

Improves the blood circulation in treated are,

Reduction in open pores

Glowing and radiant skin

Correction of under eye region and around the mouth

Noticeable improvement in neck lines

Hydration of the skin which gives a perfect balance to the skin, which is lost in stressful lifestyle , diet and pollution

Acne scar reduction

Post-traumatic scar reduction

Hand and Feet rejuvenation

Benefits of vampire facelift:

A 58–year–old female came with signs of aging, volume loss. Saggy skin mainly the jawline, cheek, and under-eye area: Treated with one session of PRP face rejuvenation

Results achieved:

Build up of collagen eventually tightening of the skin

Jaw–line correction

Under–eye correction

Glowing and radiant skin

Change in texture and pigmentation of the skin

Hydration of the skin

Reduction in open pores

Correction of fine lines and wrinkles

Natural anti-aging treatment available It’s suitable for men and women both There is minimal downtime–there is mild redness at the injection site, which settles in 2 hours or can be camouflaged with slight makeup The patient can resume work immediately It’s perfect for young brides, as it provides the glow and texture changes one requires on their special day With minimal downtime and most natural results, this should be the treatment of choice for young brides So let us make your special day even more special

Dr. Sneh Thadani

( Skin Soul Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. )


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