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Rainy Season Dos and Don’ts

I think rainy season is liked by everyone as I like it very much. It makes me feel slightly cool and happy. After all it comes after a long period of summer season.

Your normal skin care routine won’t cut it in the rains. You need to be more strategic with skin care in monsoon. The wet and humid weather is known for aggravating skin problems such as dermatitis, urticaria, ringworm and eczema. If you or your children have sensitive, problem skin, take these precautionary and care tips to reduce the chances of skin flare-ups.

Monsoon is the time where your skin behaves a little strange and is often unstable; suddenly it’s gets oily or become dry and dehydrated. Hence it is very necessary that you take care of your skin during this season in order to look fresh and beautiful

Dry skin type:

Undoubtedly dryness is a result of lack of vitamins that helps in repairing dry and damaged skin. It also means that the skin isn’t properly hydrated as a result of which it looks and feel dry. And to top it all the condition becomes worse during the monsoon. Now how do you combat this condition of your skin? Well its very easy, just follow these simple tips:

Drink as much water as you can. Do not stop drinking water even if it leads to frequent urination. Water consumption hydrates your body and flushes out all the unwanted toxins.

Use cleansers that are clean based.cleansers for sensitive skin, ph balanced face cleanser, mouisturising face cleansers. Moisturize your skin frequently. This will help in increasing the keep the outer layer of your skin properly hydrated, thereby leaving it with a soft, supple and moist look.

for dry and sensitive skin used oat based moisturizer- it reduces the irritability of a sensitive skin and restores the much neede barrier in order to fight infections

You may also use rose water and glycerin to keep your skin healthy, Keep away from alcohol based toners.

Oily skin type

Oily skin care tips

The main reason behind having oily skin is hormonal changes that are genetically determined. There is nothing much one can do to change skin condition permanently, however little changes in the way you take care of your skin will bring about a slow and gradual change in the way it feels and looks. Follow these easy tips to keep your skin in good condition:

Wash your face almost 2-3 times a day to get rid of the excess oil from your face. Do not over do it as too much of washing leads to exces oil production and irritable skin.

moisturize- big myth is oily skin do not need moisturizers, i believe gel based moisturizer are a good option to hydrate your skin without making it oily or clogging pores.

Stay away from using heavy cleansing products.

Combination skin type:

As it is a combination of oily and dry skin, such skin types should be taken extra care. The dry part of it should be cleansed and moisturized regularly and the oily part of it should be cleaned,and toned to match the dry skin type.

Be it any skin type there are few tips that needs to be followed religiously to keep it in a healthy condition, these include:

As mentioned earlier, drinks loads of water. This is one of the best and the cheapest way to attain good, healthy and flawless skin, irrespective of the season. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday and you would definitely notice a drastic change within 2-3 months.

Wash your face a 2-3 times daily with an suitable cleanser.

Just dab dry the face and don’t rub it with a towel. this will make the skin look rough and dry.

Moisturize the skin regularly.

Always use a sunscreen- one thinks that we need to use suncreen only in summers- we need to use sunscreen all round the year and even one is indoors.

Monsoon Skin Care Routine: The Don’ts

Don’t shower with steaming hot water. It will make your skin capillaries weak and cause skin damage.

Don’t cleanse in a hurry; not cleansing adequately translates to bacterial invasion which then triggers breakouts.

Eat wholesome meals which include good fats because they are pivotal in repairing damaged skin and also retaining moisture.

Do let your feet breathe. Wearing closed footwear will make your feet sweat, which in turn will lead to fungal and bacterial infections. Instead wear waterproof footwear like sandals and floaters.

Do make sure when you go for a pedicure that the tools are sterilized. While most salons do maintain hygienic conditions, wet spells make it hard to do so. Check that all the tools are disinfected; if required ask them to do so in front of you.

Hair care tips:

Monsoon is the time of humidity which creates itchiness on the scalp. It is recommended that warm coconut oil massage will help to get rid of itchiness. If there is dandruff in the scalp, massage with neem oil.

Prevent the hair from getting drenched in rain, but if does happen it is best to shampoo the hair as soon as possible and then dry them.

Monsoon season demands a conditioner after a mild gentle shampoo.

Hair coloring must be avoided during the rainy season.

Try the hairstyles that are more natural in look than elaborate ones.

Avoid blow driers and try to dry hair with a towel to retain the moisture.

Others Precautions:

All the vegetables and fruits must be washed to clear the worms and germs thriving on them.

Thereis greater possibility of germs developing on uncooked foods and salads during monsoon which should be avoided. Freshly cooked food is the safest. Salads can be blanched in warm water to disinfect them.

People suffering from lung diseases like cough cold and asthma and diabetes should stay away from walls with damp walls where fungus can grow easily.

Spices like ginger, garlic, pepper and coriander should be added in the diet to help in improving the immunity system and to assist in digestion.

Regular exercise will help to keep the body healthy and fit. Some believe that heavy physical exercises during monsoon must be avoided.

Humidity and dampness lead to fungal infections. It is advisable to light loose clothes and keep the skin dry.

Dr. Sneh Thadani

( Skin Soul Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. )


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