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Guide to Pigmentation

What is Pigmentation?

In layman’s term- ‘melanin is an element that decides the colour of skin, when there is access production of melanin, the skin color changes and shows patches’.

You can notice Pigmentation on skin in:

Small dark patches.

Covering large area of skin.

Or covering entire body.

Causes for Pigmentation

Pigmentation results when there is access release of melanin in body which can be caused due to:

Excess sun exposure:

Sunlight causes the body to produce more amount of melanin that results in darkening or tanning of skin. Also this is one of the major causes of Pigmentation.

Post-inflammatory Pigmentation:

This can be caused due to an injury.

Changes in Melasma:

Changes in Melasma can be caused during hormonal changes or during pregnancy.


As age increases the number of melanin cell decreases but the remaining ones increases in size. These type of physiological changes leads to increased pigmented spots.

Disease and medication:

Pigmentation can be a result of metabolic disorder or vitamin deficiencies.

Types of Pigmentation

1) Hyper-pigmentation: pigment spots such as age spots:

Age spots (Pigmentation spots) are generally caused by sun exposure. This is the reason why these spots appear on face or hands i.e. on parts that are most exposed to sun. They are always small dark patches of skin.

2) Hyper-pigmentation: melasma:

This is a condition where darker spots appear on face. This condition appears to both male and female however it is seen more on female as they have more hormonal changes and because of the reason that their body goes through many changes from teenage to adulthood.


People with hyper-pigmentation must go to visit the dermatologist. He or she will find out type of pigmentation and will make a must follow treatment plan.

Dr. Sneh Thadani

( Skin Soul Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. )


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