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What causes dark streaks on nails?

Melanonychia: What Is It, Causes, and More

Melanonychia is caused when the pigment cells, called melanocytes, deposit melanin — brown-colored pigment — into the nail.

When to suspect melanoma and refer :

Although melanoma is less commonly associated with brown-black vertical nail lines, awareness of melanoma-associated longitudinal melanonychia reduces the likelihood of delayed diagnosis and improves patient outcomes. Also, it is important to remember that although nail melanoma is more common in the 5th and 6th decades of life, it can occur at any age, even in children.

Findings that raise suspicion of nail melanoma and that should prompt referral to a dermatologist who specializes in nails include the following:

A personal or family history of melanoma

Involvement of a “high-risk” digit (thumb, index finger, great toe), although nail melanoma can occur in any digit

Any new vertical brown-black nail pigmentation in a fair-skinned patient

Only one nail affected: involvement of more than one nail is common in people with darker skin, and nearly all patients with darker skin exhibit longitudinal melanonychia by age 50

Changes in the band such as darkening, widening, and bleeding

Bandwidth greater than 6 mm

Bandwidth greater than 6 mm

Nonuniform color of the line

Indistinct lateral borders

How to Prevent and Treat Nail Problems :

Do Clean Up

Do Clean Up

Do Keep Them Dry

Do Trim -- the Right Way

Don’t Wear Shoes That Don’t Fit

Don’t Forget to Check Out Your Nail Salon

Do See a Doctor If Your Nails Don’t Look Right

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